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Authentict - ICT met autisme

Authentict - ICT wíth autism

Our code word is acceptance

Your Benefits

  • ICT experts at a distance as an extension of your own development department. Choose or combine:
    • One personal expert working for you only
    • A team of specialists
    • One-year contract and/or voucher
  • Software development, testing and management (e.g. acceptance and unit testing); web, tablet or mobile applications developed by your own company or a third party
  • All-in-one budget, prices in conformity with the market
  • Long-term relationship to make your personal expert build up his/her knowledge and become more and more productive and efficient. He or she understands your organisation, working methods and software through and through, will work quickly, does a huge amount of work, but stays fully focused because of his/her autism
  • One personal contact person without autism, who has broad ICT expertise and serves as the vital link between your company and your specialist(s) at a distance
  • Progress of your assignments can be easily followed online
  • We work online entirely, so we are not dependent on location. Wherever you are in the world: we can help you
  • Training is customised to make your expert or team of experts follow the developments in your company closely
  • Contracts count as full jobs recognised under the Dutch Participation Act; you are thus contributing to a better Dutch society