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Authentict - ICT met autisme

Authentict - ICT wíth autism

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How do our ICT services work?

Getting the best out of our experts for your organisation. That is our mission. We know from experience a long term relationship works best to achieve this. For in that way, our employees will gather in-depth knowledge of your company or organisation.

You might like to do a pilot with us first. For this purpose we created a special voucher, valid for a definite period of time. Using this voucher you can allocate a broad range of assignments to us. After the expiry date, you can either opt for a new voucher or sign a contract for a longer time period. In this case, you may either choose one personal expert who will work for your company exclusively, or a team of experts, depending on your work load and your previous experiences with our specialists.

You discuss your assignments with your personal contact person in our organisation, one of our ICT managers. He or she does not have autism, but is an expert in the field, specialised in managing our employees with autism. This contact person makes sure your autistic software expert gets all the information he needs. He will know exactly what to do and can complete his assignments smoothly, without any problems. By the way: you will be able to easily follow the progress of your assignments and the working hours through an online ‘track and trace’ system.

And because we work online entirely, we are not dependent on location. So wherever you are in the world: we can help you.

Are you interested in our knowledge and experience?

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