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Authentict - ICT met autisme

Authentict - ICT wíth autism

Our code word is acceptance

Our Vision

Founder and CEO of Authentict, Daan Beukers, has many years of work experience in ICT and healthcare. But above all, he loves people. During his working life he met many people with autism who, despite their talents and intelligence, often dropped out of the career system. He noticed these people have some disabilities, but are at the same time very talented when it comes to ICT and all other subjects requiring analytical thinking, an eye for detail and sharp concentration. His strong belief that every person can become an expert proved to be the inspiration for this unique company.

Our code word is acceptance, that’s our pay-off. Acceptance of people who need a different way of communicating, a different management style and a workplace free of distractions. People who, once they’ve got started, keep on going at a tremendous speed, without ever losing track of the code. Acceptance is also a reference to acceptance testing, a task our experts excel at. And of course to our special way of working together with your organisation. You need to get a taste of it to experience the advantages.

Authentict is an company where people with autism can fully flourish and offer excellent quality ICT services. A company where trust and engagement are core values and where people get the opportunity to work and develop themselves.

Trust and engagement. That is what we provide our employees with, who work for us on a permanent contract. And that’s what we offer to you, our customers, with whom we would like to establish a close and long-term working relationship. Our experts will have the chance to get the best out of themselves. And your company or organisation will profit from it.