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Authentict - ICT met autisme

Authentict - ICT wíth autism

Our code word is acceptance

Why ICT experts with autism?

People with autism have a unique eye for detail. They are extremely analytical, perfectionistic and hard workers. In short: they possess unique capacities. Better than anyone else they are able to focus 100% to obtain the best results, time after time, for example when carrying out repeatable tasks like software testing. Someone else might lose his attention quite quickly – our expert will remain all the more concentrated because of his autism. And if we find software errors, we can repair them directly by rewriting code if you wish us to do so.

However, our employees might find it difficult to see the overall picture, engage in conversations, or they are bothered by noise or light. That is why Authentict offers them the best environment possible to excel at their work: a workplace free of stimuli, without distractions. Our professional supervisors offer them their tasks one by one. In this way, the expert with autism can keep track of the situation, is able to concentrate on his work only, and doesn’t have to think about priorities. Sheltered from stress, that’s what we call it.

On top of that, we provide ongoing education and training to make sure our employees keep developing themselves in the ICT industry. All these things combined create our unique ICT services of the highest quality.